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Fashionable preview a carnival

    Hung the Christmas tree, blingbling gift of crystal the stars...... With the joy of Christmas atmosphere in the air slowly spread, as a fashion of Shanghai and Hong Kong also was a Christmas early devices "beautiful" and began to "preview" carnival Christmas "" a tale".
Shanghai fashion feast is in town
    In order to meet the coming Christmas, Shanghaipvc plastic film  ifc stores these days is full of artistic breath a show of adornment, be worth what carry is, the large adornment to decorate, is by the Asia stage installation artist Benfi Sum (was a international star Jackie chan a series of blockbuster movies art direction) and stage costume designer Petra Storrs china-largest. Bright crystal Christmas tree, costly nobility glittering and translucent get rid of the stage, the rotation of the ladder, all with the most unique space combination form, the scenes on luxuriant met.
    International stars master of apparel sculpt Petra Storrsplastic film  stage show special worth a look. Modelling shows by Petra Storrs carvalho half-grabs design 8 sets of clothing, use different materials, including plastic, metal, tape, etc, with unique technology, creating a fashion feast, among which there Lady Gaga through the hyperbole of rainbow shoulder a modelling.
    Hong Kong station shine crystal meet the holidays
    Say to the Fashion Walk, causeway bay, Hong Kong, believe that many of my friends don't strange. It is located in the heart of causeway bay, the indoor shopping mall and street shop clever confluence, plus plants along the ornament, shopping atmosphere having color film a unique style, attract many international fashion brand in the opening double characteristic shops and flagship store. Christmas is near to come, and bright and dazzling adornment also here on the light.
    Nordstrom center causeway bay's new located the street, remember the George street and jardine matheson street border, Hong Kong island is the most prosperous shopping and entertainment core areas. In the center of the high building 5 of giant glass curtain wall outside, a GaoYu six meters above the crystal star hanging. It is reported, this crystal from Austria flown to Hong Kong, use a crystal of nearly production, higher cost of seven digits. The world's pvc film table cloth large swarovski outdoor crystal hang adorn, at night, especially appear shining, for this "crystal Christmas", added a few minutes more luxuriant flavor. Managing director Philip Chen hang lung properties, movie stars such as for the planet with lau star crystal to unveil. The star will have been in the giant crystal display January 3,.
    It is reported, the causeway bay Fashion Walk during the festival will be held many festival activities, including the new street Fashion parades's Christmas in Hong Kong, the most large charity Christmas red cup exhibition, food street Christmas party and New pvc shower curtain Year's eve bottom activities, to create a causeway bay shining crystal Christmas.
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