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Before the New Year "home" feeling

      The offices of the transformation of the new shift work can look brand-new, apartment facility is complete, flat plastic basketball court and the border of green field set each other off becomes an interest... December 19, LiuXiao step into a is located in the southwest of the NaBuXian CaoShi street gas field in the middle section southern institution yard, could not conceal "home" excited.
This is the first time LiuXiao "home", before this year, LiuXiao and other authority employees, "living" temporary base in the assignments section.
      The assignments section temporary base is located inpvc plastic film NaBuXian HeDongZhen, originally is a idle restaurant. In May 2010, section adaptive reconstruction project construction base, the silence of the restaurant for years had become the temporary office working organs. LiuXiao university here after graduation she started her career: the factory, under JingZhan internships, report production do when geological technician...... In regard to the city, the life and the traffic is very convenient assignments section of the old organ, LiuXiao very yearning, the in the mind is looking forward to breakfast "home".
And many homes in the field of employees, work assignments plastic film  section material a Lin yong "twins life". Every Friday afternoon, Lin yong want to take the unit transport home, Sunday afternoon and to come home. Although Lin yong said already very used to the quiet of the temporary base, but in December 16, moving at the start, retiring he still can't help and LiuXiao this help after 80 as clapping and cheering. The staff in institution yard LiangJunJie also is delighted to say: "this well, I can sleep more than half an hour, also won't be late."
      Move work going very well, in addition to overall arrangementcolor film vehicles and migrant workers beyond, still young employees working in the organization organs of "youth volunteer", unified office computer, equipment, material document to collect, sort out and packaging, guard, handling and its legal monitoring. Youth technology cadres p124 finish their move in "mission", still busy help service station staff split shift the curtain of installation apartment orbit.
      Responsible for moving the base areas pvc film table cloth TanGang command base administrator early in the morning to direct, arrangement of peasant workers, coordinate vehicle debugging, distribution network base office and housing key... Although from early favour to black, but still in the apartment was split shift some employees "complaints," has serious hoarse throat, he said not to install air conditioning room also must be settled as soon as possible.
      "Welcome home!" October 20,, when the pvc shower curtain last of the water heater, kitchen items, fire fighting equipment, water tank from temporary base is LaYun after come back, TanGang relieved.
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