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Economic WenZhongQiuJin steel private enterprise competitive

      With the end is near, of the policy adjustment and change has become increasingly evident, in order to deal with the debt crisis, which now to the weak export weakness, RMB foreign depreciation of the trend has become increasingly apparent, affect the price of steel in the conditions of contains new change, the conditions are all bad effect.
      December 14, 2011 central economic work conference curtain was in Beijing. The meeting explicitly proposed "to promote economic and social development, will next year a good grasp of the outstanding work of WenZhongQiuJin total fundamental key." pvc plastic film"WenZhongQiuJin" by the economic impact of it, JinMo nets CEO, international mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the supplier brightness that the 2012 is expected to this year's endorsement by the slowdown to "WenZhongQiuJin".
      The central economic work conference explicitly pointed out that, promote economic and social development in 2012, want to highlight a good grasp of the WenZhongQiuJin work always fundamental key. Firm, is to maintain the basic stability of macroeconomic policy, keep fast yet steady economic development and keep the general level of commodity prices steady basic, maintain social stability. Into, is to continue to hold and make good use of China's development of the important period of strategic opportunities, in the transformation of the mode of economic development to make new progress in the deepening reform and opening make new breakthrough in the, in the improvement of people's life to make new achievements. Accordingly, the ROM the fai analysis, thinks that in 2012, the economic situation will be a steady state, won't have big ups and downs. Including the stock market, steel market, die market will present situation smoothly.
      In recent years, domestic steel prices always maintain a higher level in, steel production growth, consumption growth can maintain high speed growth, thanks to the financial crisis of the  implementation of the four trillion countries since the investment plan and relatively loose monetary policy. "1025" history, the national economic development structure adjustment of strong determination, extensive growth mode of unsustainable, the steel industry it is very bad. Especially since the second half of 2011 the last downturn endorsement, make steel trading business lose confidence, central economic work conference spirit to steel trading business bring more looking forward to next year, perhaps can take this endorsement "dongfeng", reverse the situation "WenZhongQiuJin".
      2011 years of monetary policy is tight, the expected future funding will be relatively loose some. For 2012 years of macroeconomic regulation and control fundamental key, the central keep the policy continuity and stability, and suggested that "the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy", conference and puts forward "enhanced plastic film control the pertinence, flexibility, forward-looking", replace the previous "targeted, flexibility, effectiveness," expressions. Is also put forward "keep fast yet steady economic development and the general level of commodity prices basic stability".
      ROM. The hui has accepted the steel services "reporter interviews that, November MPI index fell below 50% for the RongKu line shows that the current global economic downturn, if the economy appears continued to slide, do not eliminate government comes to some new economic policy. But now each index shows "soft power" picks up situation, China's overall economy is still comparison favors, "to insist on real estate control policies to promote its return to promote real estate prices reasonable, the market healthy development" policy for the development of real estate market tone increased power, the government will continue to emphasize actively guide and encourage the economy grow independently.
ROM. The fai think, endorsement was in a slump state, real estate bring certain effect. The real estate problem did not get the fundamental solution, regulation of time, regulation and so on all is long, the steel market's influence is unfavorable. With real estate, as a representative of the entity economy in the short term will still continue the current downturn momentum, this will give demand from steel price high pressure, the short term of steel price downward pressure still bigger; Monetary policy staged relax, can hedge some industry bad, but for the short term ofcolor film steel production, the trader's stock up, the influence of price drop ore small enough to reverse short-term steel price movements. In the current this situation, even though the steel price increased, steel trading business is also not much profit. Steel trading companies in after hitting a price to inventory, 2011 market is different, so businesses are watching. By regional and seasonal two big factors, the north market volatility is quite obvious, the south market smoothly. But the overall rise space narrow, steel price rise is very not easy. If steel trading business further drive prices, or terminal demand really come up, so the market or are expected to come back to life.
      In the long term, continuous relaxed monetary policy if can continue to next year, will stimulate the market confidence and ultimately to the real economy produce stimulation, thus promote steel price rose.
      Guarantee of the construction of the room to play the part of the steel market for action. The central economic work conference room construction in security made clear rules and to make 2011 new start 10 million sets based on affordable housing, 2012 will be in investment, construction, operation, management, guarantee the guarantee pvc film table cloth the smooth implementation of the work of room, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market. The healthy operation of real estate market for steel market, especially steel constructions have certain stimulative effect.
      Private steel enterprise competitiveness highlight
      The steel association statistical materials showed that in 2011, 1 to October, 5 million tons steel enterprise profit margins dropped to 99%. In October 77 iron and steel enterprise KuiSunMian by September to nine 25 home, KuiSunMian expand for 32. 5%, which is for the 21. 2.5 billion yuan, an increase of 1.83 billion yuan than in September. Statistical range, most of the state-owned steel enterprise profitability less than 2.99% this level, and most of the private enterprise profitability is higher than the level. Return on sales more than 5% of the enterprise have six, it is respectively: tianjin west, new WuAn, and vertical and horizontal steel, baotou, baosteel and citic Pacific, the proportion of the private steel plant more than half. Among them, hebei and vertical and horizontal steel sales income 278, 800 million yuan, the profit for 46. 8.1 billion yuan, profit margins to 8. 34%, more than the largest steel enterprise baosteel rate is 5.99% level.
      All the signs are that, in the iron and steel industry generally face downstream demand slump steel prices, such as high cost of ore severe situation, the private steel state-owned steel mill have stronger than the "resistance to impact".
      At the same time, the first 10 months of this year, China's largest steel enterprise asset ratio rose, late October, large and medium-sized steel enterprise total debt for 25256. 900 million yuan, up 19.9%, to 66.2% to asset ratio. At the same time large and medium-sized steel enterprise inventory in October increased significantly, by late September 555.64 billion yuan of increased to 10 of the end of 5742. 200 million yuan, 18.57 billion yuan month-on-month growth.
      It is worth noting that, according to the statistics show that the steel association, the first 10 months of this year, large and medium-sized enterprise pvc shower curtain financial expenses on significantly increased, in large and medium-sized enterprises mainly capital operation steel in the data, the bank for 402.52 billion yuan of long-term loans, close to 403.84 billion yuan at the end of September, up next drop 4%, and short-term borrowing reached 658.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.2%. That enterprise operation fund tightens, risk increases.
      20 December afternoon, jinzhou group and the nation's largest private steel enterprise shagang group signed a new joint venture company, the construction of a period of annual capacity of 120000 tons of JCOE gulp straight double-sided submerged arc welding seam by steel pipe production base.
"The cooperation, is a great industrial jinzhou to strategy." Jinzhou group President YuJinFang said, take this platform, jinzhou will further develop and expand the main pipeline. According to introducing, this base in the production of products widely used in petroleum, natural gas, water, and other media transmission tube and city construction, offshore, bridge engineering structural tube, will further optimize product structure and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Looking ahead to 2012 steel industry, will still face the overall surplus production capacity, the market demand weakened new situation. Once appear next year domestic market supply has exceeded demand, market prices fell overall, enterprise management difficult situation will worsen, the private enterprise competitive advantage may be more prominent.
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