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Ideal in a blue sky blue sea between

      In April, 2001, a navy pilot's name rang throughout the south China, pvc plastic film a fleet of the aviation flight mid-team leader wang wei, not power, for the country the spirit of sacrifice interests all deeply touched me. In order to the blue sky from military dream, that month, I signed up for military academy examination.
      I still remember the first morning exercisesplastic film in military schools around the plastic runway ran five  kilometers feel, that was attached to the lungs like fire throat of the pain, the leg acid have to gave out feeling, make the first time I realized what is more dead than alive. But I keep down, from the practice of the time, I deeply feel the charm of camp, feel that thick ZhanYouQing, more understand the connotation of the soldiers. In times of peace, like wang wei in the air as the enemy and conspiracy, life and death moment of opportunity is not much, color film but the new period of the military is still the most lovely one.
      In July 2004, I came to the unit in which wang wei did pvc film table cloth a aerial reconnaissance photographer. My ideal army camp life, it's not every day with a solution knife, wrench, dishcloth maintenance, I thirst for more like wang wei that fly in the blue sky. But wang wei country, make ideal mind in a position the spirit of flash always reminding me with her hands and maintenance of aircraft carrying my ideal flying in the day not is also a kind of perfect? So, I work hard, put the filled with enthusiasm and learn technology is applied to the work practice.
      13 years of army life past, although I can't be a pilot, pvc shower curtain but sitting in capacious and bright offices, the words, sometimes see his name appeared in the TV screen, newspapers and magazines, I feel infinite meet. I know, I know, to host the ideal of life on the road, with a hard, with dedication. But as long as like wang wei mind as the motherland, love and respect, can challenge ourselves constantly, the self.
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