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A plastic field, changed a county's fashion

      Night falls, the famous, this is surrounded by mountains of small town, because a stadium become very busy.
      In panan county stadium, look, is full of sports figure. Plastic runway, the women talking and laughing together to go, there are still a lot of a running through one child; Six pieces of basketball court had "full", dribbling, ChuanJie, layups, great goals, pvc plastic film often drew cheers of the crowd; The edge of the pitch on empty, more hundreds of villagers row of neatly team, the whole with a bright music, dancing passion of 4 excessive line dance... Here, whether toddlers, or dynamic young people, or the white temples of the old man, the face of the facial expression is the happiness. Because, the newly completed stadium, let their life no longer drab.
      As the county only a free and open to the public sports place, once the panan county stadium and haven't fully play the function of the could have. At ordinary times, in addition to the local two schools teaching purpose outside, the number of people to exercise little little. "At that time is the coal cinder, it does not rain, dust fly ah, this exercise environment, of course, plastic film no one wants to come." Live in the near the villagers he was pleased with what one of reason.
      Nearly two years, the common people in the life level increases at the same time, to the voice of the physical exercise more and more is also high. "At the time, many people through the government, county people's livelihood box, box hotline to reflect the coal field transform for the demand, for plastic these conditions, of course, we can't sitting idly by." color film panan county sports department, deputy director of the ChenXuSheng said. Get in by the zhejiang province $1 million capital support, in May this year, panan county stadium began to "beauty".
      The total investment 4 million yuan, for 4 months later, pvc film table cloth panan county stadium in new appearance before the in common people-plastic runway, natural lawn, silicon PU basketball court, lighting stadium, rest stand, high power lights...... Of all things, let the people can't help gave a thumbs up. In addition, the stadium open every morning 3 hours, evening open three and a half hours, meet the need of the people exercise, even panan county magistrate ZhouJianMin all became here the "regular", every morning will come to the stadium jogging several times. "Let's have a small town in the big cities and the sports facilities, for us, of course....... Now, we happy every day after dinner here, have become a exercise a habit. Ever since the the stadium, gambling less and less superstitious, disputes, speak less healthy, speaking style, civilized many!" For the stadium, live in panan county of common people of praise.
      Be worth what carry is, the plastic stadium in the masspvc shower curtain sports meet the need of outside, has started the game. The first long distance race of jinhua community games, the first track and field championships are in jinhua fire here, a lot of people not only in the home appreciated the high level of competition, more abundant their cultural life.
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