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Export promote Italian plastic industry sales growth

      According to Italian plastic machinery manufacturers association (Assocomaplast) says, the country's domestic plastic rubber output will from 2010 in 3.6 billion to $2011 in euro 4 billion euros.
Export growth is far higher than output growth, rising by 19.3% to 2.4 billion euros, while import climb 5.9% to 600 million euros only.
      The association said, 2011 domesticpvc plastic film market growth also is relatively small, grow 1.9% to 2.2 billion euros.
      In Italy plastic rubber machinery export market, German for 253.1 million euros ($) at the top of the export sales; In second place is Poland, exports soared by 54.5% to 78.1 million euros, followed by Turkey, the export volume climbing 46.2% to 65.7 million euros.
      This association, Italy to Russia,plastic film  Poland and mechanical Turkish market surge in exports is mainly attributed to the Italian machinery manufacturing enterprise in these areas to give special attention to, such as the recent positive in Istanbul plastic exhibition held.
      The enterprise also ready to attend in January 2012 in Moscow Russia rubber plastic exhibition (Interplastica), preparationcolor film of the Italian plastic rubber machinery manufacturer about 60.
Although not announce specific figures, but the association said, according to its recent member enterprise survey found that less than half of the members in the new financial decreased.
Italian plastic and rubber trade association  pvc film table cloth  announced industry growth than its rival German plastic rubber manufacturing industry growth are much smaller.
      Last December, the German machinerypvc shower curtain equipment manufacturing industry federation (VDMA) will be 2011 years of the domestic industry sales growth forecasts from 18% up to 22%, set in 2011 in less than 6 billion euros history sales hit a record high.
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