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Plastic bracelet leading fashionable new public welfare

      All of this comes from a small yellow bracelets. The tour DE France champion lance Armstrong put on "strong to live" hand ring led a hand ring of agitation. Now, people can put everything worn on the wrist: from private fun to favorite sports team name.

      Hand ring achievement of charity

      Armstrong hand ring stamped by a "strong to live", it comes from Armstrong cancer still relentless struggle with spirit, now already for people copy, pvc plastic film imitation and men. In 2004, Nike and lance Armstrong foundation joint production of 5 million only yellow plastic bracelet, mark its commercial. Each hand ring price $1, the income donated to patients with cancer rehabilitation.

      Now, the foundation has sold 80 million hand ring, raised $80 million. The fund's chairman doug · ur mann is to call "the democratization of charity," anyone, regardless of occupation, no matter identity, as long as there is $1, can participate in the activities of charity.

      In a blog, ur mann wrote: "across the age, income, regional and culture, this hand ring change charity. Before, only a few rich of the idle rich can make charity, and now, anyone, anywhere, can contribute to charities a strength.

      Charity is right-hand man

      Hand ring wasn't from the start is a plastic production. Pop culture critics, the university of Minnesota, dean of the college of communication research Edward west APa said, the 1970 s during the Vietnam war, printed with "POW-MIA (prisoner with missing)" plastic film  metal bracelet let americans remember those in southeast Asia captured or missing soldiers.

      Now, different companies and nonprofit organizations, are on the network to promote sales ringed hand its support and adhering to the various concept, content including animal welfare, YongJun, Christianity, and support the sports teams, and mitigation measures, reducing hunger, against violence, against racism, and disease prevention and cure, and so on.

      Plastic bracelet USES very extensive. It not only by school and church used to raise money, but also because of its changeful color as fashion accessories. They are advertising method, also is to express the spirit of friendship and school medium. color film They are the party of the gifts, also used to display all kinds of ideas, from maintenance of green peace to love. Any fresh public events or interesting personal experience can be reflected in hand ring: ebay online has appeared "occupation of Wall Street" hand ring, at least six kinds of color can be chosen. Here, hand ring have turned a statement. West APa said: "(wearing a bracelet) like pelosi or flag, just hand badge loop declares concepts and ideas clearly."

      He also said that, once the hand of certain information with ring became the agitation, may incur satire. However, he said: "when a thing to a certain degree of popular, people started to taunt it, and that means it a success."

      In 2007, the United States "comedy central" channel's Steven cole Bert wrist fractures. He kindly imitate mocked the "strong to live" (LiveStrong), design sold "strong wrist" (WristStrong) to remind people realize that "the wrist and the prevalence of violence". In his own show, "cole Bert report" promotion of this hand ring story, and successfully infection a batch of famous people, like matt raul, beautiful Anna Hector fenton reaction and al gore. Since then, cole Bert will sell the hand ring income donated to the yellow ribbons foundation, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to help injured soldiers and their families. The whole process appears very funny, but ended the very serious solemnly.
      The foundation director marc Robbins said: pvc film table cloth  "their first donation for 171000 dollars." The foundation of previously received donations from hand ring sales for 275000 us dollars, and cole Bert the donated $430000 in total.

      In addition, some nonprofit organization will also plastic band as reveal oneself to the identity of the additional means. For example, the American heart association launched a printed with "protect Women's heart" (Go Red for Women) hand ring, pvc shower curtain and sales with the organization "Red skirt logo of the objects. Susan G · G door for breast cancer organization's logo is fan belt.

      West APa said: "now, hand ring is ubiquitous, and very successful. It now has become an integral part of our culture. Will continue to pop down."
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