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The gulf region will be plastic industry new territory

      One research report points out, the gulf region will be new world plastic market the rise of new territory, mainly by the local population rising consumer market and growing influence, become push plastic manufacturing industry rapid development of the important reasons; At the same time, and the local place of superior geographical environment but also to the development of plastic industry, because the local has a broad oil resources,pvc plastic film in the oil and gas resources for the source and convenient with the advantages; Moreover, and international the big market demand continues to expand, especially in Asia and Europe, the two world market can absorb off the area a lot of petrochemical and plastic product resources.
      According to the Middle East by plastic cia exhibition center and the British Ispy sharjah founded report data shows, the world petroleum chemical industry market is $600 billion market share, with gulf countries share is about 11%, according to current growth to see, five years after the gulf region of the market share of more than 17%, plastic film  at present, the research is going on, the results of the study will be in 2012 by Arab plastic exhibition, and demand growth in the industry of synchronous and about $57 billion of cash injection.
      Project development process
     Gaza exhibition center President Midfa Saif says, at the present time, the united Arab emirates and other parts of the oil producers have embarked on this issue, and the implementation of the matters not only to its economic diversification development has great role in promoting, and at the same time is also advantageous in manufacturing industry still has a long-term strategic significance and more interests utility, such as economic policy and investment.color film  So, plastic industry in this process will be the biggest beneficiaries, because we have in petrochemical aspects of natural advantage, the gulf plastic industry development beyond other areas will become the rapid development of new territory.
      The benefit not just plastic industry, and rely on oil trade country. For example: although the united Arab emirates countries rely heavily on oil exports is the country, but in the decades of development, its GDP is a sharp fall in the present situation, according to official data shows, the united Arab emirates countries GDP in 1971 from 70% drop has to 29% in 2010, we can see these rely on oil exports for the slow economic growth of the country may be in developing gain industrial chain.
      The gulf is still a plastic development preliminary project,pvc film table cloth along with the development of the project by market for the rapid spread of region will be industrial plastic packaging market development of the new world, global plastic production value in 2011 output value of expected in $180 billion, these support industry the rapid growth of their fields including: infrastructure industries, manufacturing, food processing and beverage industry, construction market in the past two years developing also occupies more and more important in the low post, for the use of the resin mainly reflects in piping and valves.
      In 2012 the market operation deployment
      For the operation of the market and the businesses of development issues will be in 2012 years of work to deploy.
      In 2012, the latest Arab plastic exhibition already determined in sharjah fair field, the leading role of this exhibition is determined as the trade merchants businessman, when the businesses can use the market matures plastic industry huge growth point,pvc shower curtain the next meeting and May 14 to 17, international exhibition and so on a series of plastic meeting exhibition. Here I first revealed once, in 2012 the first game of the exhibition we can see the biggest participants-India plastic company.
      At present, the exhibition center is the rest two for polymer company advance work busy, a polymer association is factors in sharjah established in India AIPMA plastic manufacturers association, another is the European mould exhibition organizers DEMATGmbH company, this is also the Arab exhibition currently work in priority.
      Believe that the Arab plastic exhibition will become push the gulf market with huge demand of the fusion of international important leverage.
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