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Who put the internal quality plastic xiang practice to develop market for innovation

        Zhejiang who cheung plastic products Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of plastic bridge of hoses enterprise, the company devotes in practicing skills, advanced production equipment, improve quality, and increase the independent research and development of new products, expand the cosmetic packing industry in the domestic market share, try to do the cosmetics container manufacturing expert.
        In zhejiang who cheung plastic products Co., LTD samples, the reporter sees as the sparrow spirit of shell packaging is hand cream the company production,pvc plastic film  including domestic and international famous cosmetics brand such as natural hall, long and the nilfisk-advance poem, the packing can be) shell in the display indoor found.
        Who is the original produce the disposable plastic xiang hotel use shampoo, the shower dew packaging shell, but the product of the company has not how many sales. Since 2006, the management of the company after the in-depth market research, the tactic for cosmetic packing case production transformation, and has introduced the first-class multiple hose production line, including UV five-color fully automatic printing machine, automatic punching paster lock cover all-in-one PC, automatic labeling machines and equipment.
        Company officials said that cosmetics is very attention to detail, to packaging shell has a high request, do not have a little bit of defects. So the company for each product after a series of strict process, from the hose extrusion forming, note the shoulder to printing, hot stamping, seals the tail, are made by the assembly line operation is completed. The company through the strengthening internal management, and continuously improve product quality, and gradually open the market, formed the production more than 9000 bottles of hose ability, plastic film  and become a lot of domestic and international famous cosmetic brand professional packaging shell producers. Company general manager ZhengChunGen said: "from this years after grasping quality, pays special attention to the quality, develop new products, slowly do second line. Cosmetics brand products have four line brand, three line brand, second line brand, now we slowly do second line brand have natural hall, pearl laya, Europe), the long poem nilfisk-advance these domestic well-known brand."
        In practicing skills at the same time, the company is committed to smoke circle in the research and development of new products and spend a lot of money for research and development of technology development, has the independent developed elliptic, super flat, triangle, square, and other special type hose and various kinds of auxiliary tube lid; Some products have been applied for packaging invention patent, and a line to cosmetics brand development. Such as company of this newest development of brush with the cosmetic packing shell daub, color film compared to traditional product has more features advantages, the profits are at increased more than ten times. ZhengChunGen told reporters: "ordinary products all painted on the hands, wipe again to face. You see this product, after a change, it directly out to face. Common product absorption can earn a dime a, through such a change I can earn a dollar, profits growth for more than ten times."
        ZhengChunGen told reporters, only innovation to seek a breakthrough, future cosmetic packing shell in addition to the traditional the functions of containers, and more to the function development trends development, at present, pvc film table cloth  the company has the key development massage function of small cosmetic packing case, has been on the market promotion test marketing, customer response is very good.
        At present, the enterprise production and marketing two popular, according to statistics, this year 1 to October, the company has completed more than 5000 production sales, ten thousand yuan more than last year the corresponding period grows up to 100%.
        As a small and medium-sized private enterprises, in the stormy sea flood tide, who smoke a startup company twists and turns, but the management of the company always adhere to the "development, innovation, practical, and trustworthy" core philosophy, pvc shower curtain sophisticated technology, excellent quality, make great efforts to realize the transformation and upgrade, actively participate in market competition, and finally the cosmetic packing industry in China has a seat in road, walked out of a private enterprise of business development way.
Author:Dongyang lee's plastic Co., LTD
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