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Plastic mold industry in China to speed up development speed

      At present, China's rapid industrial development of plastic mold industry put forward more and more high demand. In 2004,pvc plastic film the plastic mold in the whole mold industry as a proportion of the has risen to 30%, the next few years, plastic mould will also keep the high speed development.
      In our country's plastic mould in the market, by an injection mold of highest demand, of which the focus of development for engineering plastic mould. The data show that the car industry is currently only need to all kinds of plastic products 360000 tons; plastic film  Refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning of the annual output has been more than 10 million Taiwan; The annual output has more than 30 million Taiwan; By 2010, in the building materials industry, plastic doors and Windows for the prevalence rate of 30%, the prevalence rate of plastic pipe to 50%. These will lead to increased demand for mould.
      Statistics show that home appliance industry for mould quantity about 10% annual growth rate. A refrigerator need about mold 350 vice, worth about 40 million yuan; A fully automatic washing machine need about mold 200 vice, value 30 million yuan;color film  A air-conditioner only plastic mould has 20 deputy, value 1.5 million yuan; Single color TV set about to die of about 140 vice, worth about $7 million, only about 2.8 billion color TV sets a year die of yuan market.
      Along with the home appliance market competition intensified, shell design becoming the important link, the colour of shell to home appliance, pvc film table cloth  handle, precision, wall thickness, etc all put forward new requirements. Industry insiders thinks generally, large, precision and rational design (mainly for thin-walled products) of injection mold will get the welcome of the market. The auto industry has increased in recent years at breakneck speed, so auto mould huge market potential. Each kind of type of car all need thousands of vice mold,pvc shower curtain  worth billions of dollars, and in the large precision mould manufacturing ability is insufficient. According to introducing, at present, China's top grade cars covering almost all of the mould for imported products. Experts forecast that the market of the future of the mould, plastic mould in the mould of the total ratio will step improved, and its development speed will be higher than other mold.
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