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International hardware plastic and mold and die industry good prospects

      Since 2011, China's macroeconomic tension grew, inflation, power failures, drought, vocabulary is often see made public. The rise in raw materials, labor costs rise, hardware plastic enterprise development pressure is more and more big, hardware plastic industry within the small and medium-sized enterprises how to face survival pressure, out of the development dilemma, realize turn the crisis into an opportunity for? pvc plastic film International mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the fai suppliers that Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise in responding to the current market made when the situation should be analyzed carefully industry operation rule, grasp the future development trend, readjust marketing strategy and promoting the development of electronic commerce, the industry of the transformation and upgrade period of strategic opportunities, and to realize the grand blueprint.
      The present market situation and cruel competition situation has the hardware plastic industry chain of related enterprise forced the precipice. In the face of international market pressure, domestic hardware plastic enterprise to overcome raw material prices, market competition becomes increasingly fierce, part of the product production capacity of serious adverse factors such as excess, positive change business model, using modern network outstanding plastic film  "intangible" market function, achieve tangible market, intangible market simultaneously, channels, mining enterprise potential, and actively explore the international market, can let enterprise real came out from the difficult position.
      With the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce trade platform model show giant magnetic field explosive. This model will be "manufacturer, supplier-consumers" every industry chain connect together, the whole supply chain is a value added to create value from the process of cash, the comprehensive integration of producers and consumers. International die association of e-commerce into mould machinery and hardware plastic industry related industry chain, through the electronic commerce to organize the related enterprise to communication and cooperation, can make the price more transparent, maximum limit the decrease of the intermediate links, reduce transaction costs at the same time, improve the economic benefit of enterprise; color film At the same time, electronic business use of the Internet, coverage, trading convenient form of the intangible markets, to achieve tangible and intangible market market seamless combination, make domestic die machinery, hardware plastic industry and the world docking industry technology, optimize the mould machinery, hardware plastic industry supply chain and the value chain, help enterprise complete ascension industry, so that it is more advantageous to the enterprise upgrading transformation.
      China now mechanical plastic hardware mold market is very active, plastic hardware products will be the new consumption hotspot and a new economic growth point. Plastic hardware industry is China's traditional industries, and started more early, pvc film table cloth  continued to mature, also grow a batch of potential of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the current international competition environment, only on the original advantage can't meet modern trade flow of compressed cost, and the demand of profit maximization. So to speed up the development of the electronic commerce plastic hardware industry should become a domestic economic globalization challenges, grasp the initiative development and improve the international competitiveness of the inevitable choice.
      International mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the supplier Fraser points out, pvc shower curtain the 21 st century electronic commerce will become a hardware plastic mechanical mould industry trade increase of the main power.
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