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Shenzhen plastic industry energy saving a boom

      From shenzhen plastic industry association yesterday annual meeting and low carbon energy saving that show, shenzhen plastic enterprise are buzzing a share of the energy saving transformation upsurge, at present the existing 5% of injection molding equipment complete energy saving transformation, the rest of the most enterprise already attention and began to carry out the reform plan.
      Plastic industry is one of the traditional industry of shenzhen, the output value and the scale in the domestic in the advanced level, and last year the city plastic industrial production accounts for the plastic industry worth about 10% or so. Shenzhen existing plastic processing equipment more than 30000 sets of plastic injection machine, extrusion machines, color film 10000 sets of 95% above is energy-saving model. And injection molding process is production industry, the energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total cost. If the injection molding machine motor energy saving transformation, there will be about 30% of the energy saving space play, energy efficiency is very significant.
      Shenzhen plastic industry association LiuShaoRan said, out of economic benefits and environmental protection, low carbon consideration, shenzhen plastic industry in the past two years started to pay attention to energy saving transformation. The association held 2010 member conference, he set up specifically for low carbon energy saving show content, invited to 8 home energy saving guangdong well-known enterprise,  pvc film table cloth  they provide the energy saving technology, basic include both at home and abroad, the most advanced technology for energy conservation. Annual meeting originally invited more than 400 enterprises to attend, but to the meeting yesterday reached more than 600 home, the enterprise is mostly ran the energy saving technology. One afternoon visit, twenty energy saving renovation project to reach an agreement.
      LiuShaoRan revealed, in order to adapt to the enterprise energy demand, plastic industry association and Beijing university of chemical industry this year, wuhan university and sichuan university common school, held well-targeted various types of training,pvc shower curtain  HanShouBan, for enterprise to provide the newest technical backbone of energy conservation technology and low carbon plastic technology training. At the same time, the association will also led the world in the industry of several biological plastic enterprise promotion, and help more enterprise to energy conservation and environmental protection way.
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