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Plastic industry will fight a pillar industry of the national economy

      China plastics processing industry association, the chairman of the QianGuiJing recently in 2011 China plastic association branch secretary general work conference summary statement: "1025" plastic processing industry is the key to realize the leaping development transitional period. 2010 plastic processing industry output have accounted for GDP3.35 %, usually from 5% standard some distance away, obviously, still cannot be regarded as national economic pillar industry. But in China, the huge market demand and development space,pvc plastic film   will make plastic processing industry kept fast growth, plastic processing industry as the rising sun industry rapid development characteristics, further enhance the status in the national economy. Plastic processing industry deserves, more attention should strengthen foster efforts to enable faster growth of the national economy for one of pillar industries.
      He points out that the "eleventh five-year plan" plastic industry development is the fastest and the best of the gold period. Output grew by 20.1% a year, output grew by 22.34% a year on average. In 2010, China's total output value of plastic industry gross domestic product of 3.55% of GDP, in light industry already accounted for 10.27%, is the first big industry, light industry. Profits more than tripled. Export of 14.62 million tons, the export volume is 36 billion us dollars, accounting for about 10% light industry products. At present our country has become the world's largest plastic products production, consumption of the country. 2010 plastic products apparent consumption accounted for a quarter of the world, the per capita 46 kilograms, plastic film  already slightly more than the world average level 40 kilograms. Energy conservation work has also made great achievements, finished in advance of the national requirements energy consumption per unit of GDP averaged 20% requirements.
      But, the industry should also see clearly that the existing problems. 1, the independent innovation ability  is not strong, especially small and medium-sized enterprise, technical force is weak. 2, the level of equipment also can not adapt to the development needs of the production. 3, product structure is irrational, and cheap product ratio is higher. Especially as plastic make up and so on several industry this problem especially prominent. 4, regional layout is not reasonable, the Midwest in the "eleventh five-year plan" period, though developing quickly, but the east, the Midwest is still greater development gap.
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