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CRM help plastic enterprise strive to market the new leader

      The plastics industry is the traditional manufacturing industry, also is the foundation of other industries. All kinds of manufacturing related products by most of plastic products, so the plastic industry in the whole of China's manufacturing industry plays a decisive role. With China's manufacturing vigorous development, our country's plastic years up to ten million tons of consumption, including plastic reflective piece of plastic industry as the important products in the plastic industry in the development of the market economy is more attention.
      And now, with raw material prices, increasingly fierce competition in the industry, plastic industry will face a difficult survive the test. In the search for the development of the enterprise gradually to way out that, through the CRM establish advanced information management platform, the rational standard of business process, can improve the market for plastic enterprise reaction speed, the promotion enterprise sales performance.
      Our country plastic industry overall level is relatively lags behind, the single machine production, and many products suitable for scattered, small batch, many variety production, small processing enterprise flood. The enterprise basic there are information access, product technical content is low, can only repeat the disadvantages of simple production. pvc plastic film Product relative surplus production capacity, unreasonable structure of the products is relatively serious problems. If plus bad management, it is easy to cause the production efficiency is low, the raw material loss is huge, and regular batch scrap or customer return a series of problems, such as those operating profit to speak to. With the promotion enterprise strength, CRM cost is plastic enterprise won the only way out of the market, is the enterprise from the market price of the best time to stand out from the storm.
      As is known to all, in the knowledge economy era to rely on their own enterprise resources can't completely effectively participate in market competition. CRM can course of business relevant parties including customers, suppliers and manufacturers in the closely in the management system, effectively arrange enterprise's production, supply, and marketing activities to meet the needs of production and operation.
       1. Data supporting quickly adapt to the market
      Because plastic industry generally USES the mature technology, customer demand change quickly, many kinds of small batch production has become a common enterprise, the leading technology strategy of the enterprise's high pricing strategy to adapt to the cycle, a shrinking of the trend, and production technology is also increasingly converge. Plastic enterprise to win the user has to reduce the total cost of the market, expand the market share. Let the product quickly adapt to the market demand is the plastic industry to improve the economic benefit in the main direction, also become the plastic enterprise urgent need to address the problem.
      Through the CRM system, plastic enterprise is able to product market segments, choose target market and clear market. In the market to collect valuable information will be set up within the enterprise established between products association. Each stage and the cause of the data, documents will be stored in reasonable system, with key field can be custom inquires the screening for market information analysis, market activity analysis, provides the reliable basis for decision-making.
2. Grasp the process will track the sales
      As the plastic industry the constant development of enterprise, enterprise development to a certain scale, the traditional artificial management mode, plastic film  start to appear sales management "loophole" difficult "loophole" expanding control and increase, the main reason is that no established integrated sales management system for real-time control of the business process, the enterprise business situation of information can't master in time.
      Enterprise should choose the appropriate business system of plastic industry characteristics of CRM system, help the plastic industry breakthrough of sales of demand. The system to provide the sales order, warehouse delivery, such as sales return sales business process and price discount, credit management, and other comprehensive business management function, help enterprise sales business the effective management of the whole process and control. Through the system offer management, color film set the Wright can quickly respond to customer demand, improve the offer accuracy. Through the business tracking treatment, multilevel audit, can effectively avoid the risk in the sales process. Using a variety of statistical reports, help enterprise discern the market trend and sales decisions.
      Through the application of CRM system, plastic enterprise high quality management mode for enterprise stable earnings will lay a solid foundation. Believe that through a scientific innovation of information, enterprise will be reflective of the leading industry plastic.
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