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Anti-smuggling remediation plastic market

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / the Peng Ziying Correspondent / Chen Ping) reporter recently learned from the Huangpu Customs in Fenggang Office pvc shower curtain (hereinafter referred to as "Fong Kong Customs"), the customs are jointly Zhangmutou town government Zhangmutou plastic market, police and other local an anti-smuggling and comprehensive improvement of law enforcement agencies Zhangmutou plastics market.

Fenggang Customs introduced a wide variety of plastic materials, the price difference, import native plastic raw materials and domestic recycled plastic materials there is a big difference. pvc film table cloth The criminals often attempt to evade Customs supervision, and reap the huge difference between the profit.

The unified arrangements of the customs according to the country Shield action, combined with the management of plastic raw materials market in the area to learn more about the business situation in the comprehensive control against pvc plastic film smuggling operation, access to sales and price parameters of all kinds of plastic raw materials, management poor corporate order the rectification, to promote the fight against and protection, management and services, legal and social effects of a high degree of unity.
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