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The plastics market turnover improved significantly and famous

Against selling fake goods special rectification by the plastics market, the volume of transactions for the single month of June than the first five months of the average transaction amount increased by 12.5%​​. "Yesterday" years seen three strikes "centralized interview pvc plastic film Zhangmutou town Committee Secretary, town, the National People's Congress Chairman Li full house to the media about the achievements of the previous stage of the "three strikes".

Zhangmutou Town, is one of China's plastic industry recognized three plastic pvc film table cloth raw materials market, known as the reputation of the China Plastic commerce city "and" North Yuyao, south Zhangmutou "word-of-mouth.

But in plastic market grow and develop at the same time high-speed, individual unscrupulous businessmen for high profits to take risks, to carry out the production and sale of counterfeit goods, and to change the packaging, shoddy and illegal behavior, affecting the normal operation of the market order.

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