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The Wujiang toy exports soared cover cloth fabric, plastic and other five major categories

   Wujiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, according to statistics, from January to August this year, Wujiang export 159 batches of toy products, involving the value of $ 3,936,000, an increase of 123.9% and 77%, respectively, compared to the same pvc film table cloth period last year. The exporting country to the United States, European Union, South Korea, Japan.

Wujiang export products had been mainly to clothing, footwear, in recent years, with the perfection of the Wujiang supporting industry, more and more enterprises also began to get involved in toy products increasingly rich kind of toy products involved, now covers five major categories of products, cloth fabric, plastic, wooden toys, stationery, toys and children's tricycle adapt and open up the market, the ability to significantly improve.

To vigorously support the development plastic film of the toy industry in the area, Wujiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, assigned to someone new application for export enterprise tracking guidance, to help establish a sound quality management system, rational planning of production operations and warehousing area standardize the procurement of raw materials, production and processing, warehousing transportation and other aspects of management, to achieve the export license review as soon as possible. The same time, the council also some smaller toy companies, start from the product design review, various toy companies are more concerned about the the toy product's safety, health, environmental protection, and other indicators, to become familiar with the laws and regulations of the importing country on toy products. Remind designers designed to circumvent the a risk point may be in violation of laws and regulations, and to meet the functional requirements of the customer, from the source to reduce the safety hazards of toy products.
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