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Suction plastic recipe analysis improvements

The analysis improved layer sticky plastic suction recipe how to do? Micro-spectral analysis suction plastic recipe analysis improved the timely delivery of technical solutions for you to study the adhesive quality problems. Suction plastic formulations NMR crosslink density measuring color film instrument (NMR) analysis to improve the desired analytical instrument and the relevant secondary data: test of the degree of chemical reaction of the adhesive samples measuring the degree of branching, adhesives; transmission electron microscope (TEM) the adhesive material, raw materials and the additives morphology analysis, observation of adhesive molecule particle shape and size analysis; fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF): adhesive products in the elemental composition of the qualitative and quantitative analysis, the interval range analysis of the trace element content. Authoritative map analytic database, past the same pvc plastic film or similar adhesive pattern analysis matching diagram. Analysis method of micro-spectral analysis method do the plastic suction recipe analysis improved the most commonly used, but also the most sophisticated means of an analytical technique. In this method, the analysis of the engineers will first obtain the adhesive sample preparation of standard samples, records and test the physical properties characterization. Then using GC-MS, NMR, TEM, FTIR analysis instrument of qualitative and quantitative test, a preliminary analysis of the results. Furthermore we must control the match, and then through scientific calculus and logical reasoning, derived adhesives range of the approximate amount of each ingredient with the original adhesive class map match Figure. Finally, be used to map the analytic database confirms, to confirm the final results of the analysis, the analysis report issued by subsidiary instructions do,.
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